3503 Wireless Door Contact Can Monitor More Than Just Bedroom Doors

3503 Wireless Door Switch

It is designed to detect when a door is opened but the 3503 Wireless Door Contact has a surprising number of uses that can assist in the care of people with dementia.

Here are a few places that a Wireless Door Contact can be used in a HomeCare environment:

  • Fridge, cupboard or pantry doors
  • Windows
  • Perimeter gates & pool fence gates
  • Car door
  • Shed door
  • Can also be worn or carried as an emergency call button

It's so versatile we think it rivals the popular 2721 iBeam in its flexibility and usefulness for carers in a home environment.

Universal Pads & Mats are Here!

The ship has finally arrived! The full range of Universal Pads & Mats are now available to order.

Universal Range

Can't decide between a Corded or Cordless Bed / Chair Pad or Floor Mat?

  • Trim your stock without compromising variety! 
  • Corded / Cordless Hybrid Design - benefit from economies of scale by standardizing cordless and corded systems
  • ​18 Month Warranty
  • ​Foldable Design (Bed Pad & Floor Mat), reducing the cube & transportation cost
  • Reduce your inventory investment
  • Reduce storage space needs
  • Reduce the costs of handling and repositioning inventory
  • Reduce the risk of obsolescence or product going out of date
  • Wide compatibility with cura1 cordless monitors.

For more information please see the listing for each product in the Universal Category on our website: 

2720 Universal Cordless Pad Transmitter | 2690 Universal Bed Pad | 2691 Universal Chair Pad | 2671 Universal Single-Fold Floor Mat | 2672 Universal Cordless Dual-Fold Floor Mat | 2692 Universal Floor Mat

Versatile Wireless Sensor Mat with Alarm

Floor Mats provide a simple way of monitoring movements of people in key areas such as in front of a door or stairs. They are also often placed beside a bed to monitor for bed exits

2700 3501 floor mats

Pairing the Mat with a 3501 ActiveCare LCD Pager or 2700 Six Channel Cordless Falls Monitor is ideal for facility or home systems with multiple wireless sensors.

NEW - Cable Tester

2537 cable testerThe 2537 Cable Tester comes with all the plugs and adaptors you need to quickly and easily test a cable for faults and to see what configuration it is. 

NEW STAFF - Meet Leo Wang

LeoLeo has joined our staff in the capacity of Senior Software Developer.

Leo is from the Wuhan region of China where he was born and educated, graduating in 2002. After working in China for several years he travelled to Australia to visit a cousin and it was then that he decided that he would like to live in Australia one day. He spent the next three years gaining all the requirements for Australian migration - a good command of English, sufficient funds and finally a suitable employer.

Leo is married with two young children and the whole family enjoy fishing most weekends. He says that the main reasons for migrating to Australia were the amazing clean outdoor environment and excellent quality education for his children. 

While at cura1 his outstanding professional skills has earned him a reputation as a "coding machine" and we are thrilled to have him on the team. We congratulate him on recently receiving full Australian citizenship.

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”

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