homecare range

Our HomeCare range of products are designed to support and assist the caregivers of those with limited mobility or who are at risk of falls & wandering. They can especially help the elderly and disabled to stay living independently in their own homes for longer. They can provide safety and peace of mind for the person being cared for as well as making the work of the carer a lot easier. 

A HomeCare product is one that is ideally suited for use at home. It is affordable, highly mobile, versatile and requires no special skills or training to set up and use. 

For example our 2721 iBeam motion sensor is one of our most popular HomeCare items. iBeam has an incredibly accurate detection field and it can be either battery or mains powered. This makes it ideal to be used throughout the day in a variety of places around the home - next to the bed, in front of an oven, in a doorway, by stairs or anywhere there is a risk of falls or injury.

It can be used as a stand-alone alarm but when combined with a 3508 LED Pager and EzyStand it becomes even more versatile and easy to use. 

ibeam usage

2721 iBeam with 2723 EzyStand has countless uses in a home care environment.

Popular for use in bathrooms and wet areas is the 2558 Wireless Call Button with Reset & Pull Cord which is packed with safety features. While this product is not usually considered mobile, it is battery powered, making it extremely simple to deploy in a number of locations. 


2558 Wireless Call Button with Reset & Pull Cord - often used in professional care and medical facilities but is also ideal in a home care setting when paired with a 3508 LED Pager.

The HomeCare range can be included as part of your NDIS funded offering to your customers. Please feel welcome to speak with one of our friendly product specialists (1300-12-CARE (2273)) to discuss the amazing features and benefits of products in our HomeCare range, and how they might be of interest to your customers. 

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”