The best solution for an early warning of out of bed alarm

PreAlert Bed Pad

PreAlert Cordless Bed Pads are smarter than conventional bed sensor pads. Their extended warranty, integrated design and multi-zone detection features makes them a popular choice for Occupational Therapists and anyone working in a homecare environment. 


  • Caregivers receive an early warning when a patient sits on the edge of the bed, providing them more time to prevent a potential fall.
  • The Pad incorporates a delay function in the centre area to help prevent false alarms.
  • Guaranteed for 15 months.
  • Comes with integrated transmitter & securing clip set.

prealert diagram1 prealert diagram2

2670 PreAlert Cordless Bed Pad

Recommended receivers:

  • 3508 LED Pager
  • 3501 ActiveCare LCD Pager
  • 2702 Cordless Three Channel Falls Monitor

Download Brochure - 2670 PreAlert Cordless Bed Pad (1.7 Mb PDF file)

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