Pressure Sensitive Floor MatYou would think it would be the Standard Bed Monitor, or maybe the amazing SeizureAlert Monitor, but not so! Our most popular selling item is the humble, down-trodden Heavy Duty Pressure Sensitive Floor Mat.

"The key to its' popularity is its versatility," says cura1 General Manager Les Halfpenny. "It is mostly used in medical institutions to provide a warning to staff when a patient leaves (or falls from) their bed, but it is equally useful at home, or in a commercial setting as a security warning device  - such as triggering a buzzer when someone enters a shop."

Our floor mats are some of the most affordable in Australia and are made of heavy duty non-slip material. They connect to an alarm device via a standard cable connection, but we also have wireless models available - making set-up and maintenance extremely easy. They are guaranteed for 1 year. 

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”