dooralert brochre cover 3 New Features:

  1. Night Mode – To protect a facility at night, any monitored door opened will alert staff/ caregivers. 
  2. Dry Contact Relay Outputs (optional) – For easy connection to existing nurse call systems and other third-party alarm equipment.
  3. Latching Lock (optional) – Doors remain locked while the resident is within the vicinity of the DoorAlertTM Monitor (no time out) unless overridden by staff.

DoorAlertTM is the complete Wandering Resident Detection System that helps you provide better care for your wandering residents with less burden on carers and staff.

  • Easy installation, configuration and operation.
  • Easily expandable and upgradable.
  • Monitor from 1 to 1,000 residents.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Adjustable detection range to suit facility conditions. 
  • Individually identifies each resident.
  • Fully wireless – no cabling required.
  • Flashing LED and adjustable audible alarm.
  • Can be connected to a nurse call system and electronic locking devices.
  • Caregiver Reset Key, Smartguard Keypad and Reset Transmitter options.
  • Low battery indicator. 
  • Magnetic door contact input can inhibit alarm activation if the door is closed.


“cura” – latin word meaning “care”