2723 ezystand w ibeamMany people are now discovering the incredible usefulness and versatility of our iBeam, making it one of our most popular products.

One of it's most valued features is its portability but portability requires batteries and some have raised concerns about how often they may have to change batteries and whether they should be using an external power supply.

The short answer is "no". iBeam was engineered to operate on batteries for6 months under normal usage conditions. (Normal usage is considered to be up to 20 alarms per day.)

Typical cost of a AA alkaline battery
of acceptable quality
= $0.52 each
iBeam requires 3 x AA
alkaline batteries
3 x $0.52   = $1.56
iBeam typical 6 months
battery life (180 days) 
$1.56 / 180 = $0.0086
Less than 1 cent per day!

There is no requirement for an external power supply. If you also consider iBeam's extremely low acquisition cost, then iBeam is one of the most cost effective electronic falls prevention devices available!

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”