The 3508 ActiveCare LED Pager is the newest addition to our ActiveCare range and is ideal for home-based carers who only need to pair the pager with up to three wireless sensor devices and don't need the extra functionality of the 3501 ActiveCare LCD Pager.

The 3508 boasts auto-reset when paired with the 2719 or 2720 Pad / Mat transmitters, the 3502 Handset and the new 2558 Wireless Call Button. "Auto-reset" means the Pager alarm resets if the point of origin is reset.

Like the 3501 it has a long battery life, includes a low battery warning for both the Pager as well as compatible sensors, audible chime / vibrate options and comes with a belt clip. 

Pairing the 3508 ActiveCare LED Pager with a 2721 iBeam is a particularly popular combination amongst home carers.

3508 compatibility

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”