.. 2721 iBeam Improved with New Features


2721 iBeam Improved with New Features

2721 iBeam

Our popular iBeam has had an update! It has a new look and several new features to make it even more versatile.

The 2721 iBeam is ideal for carers monitoring the movements of frail, elderly or dementia sufferers, for when they approach dangerous areas, or get out of a bed or chair.

  • With a new integrated speaker it is no longer essential to pair it with a receiver as it can now work as a stand-alone ("LOCAL") audible alarm.
  • A new Pause / Reset button allows carers to assist the person being cared for without setting off the alarm. It also serves to reset the alarm when the audible alarm is used.
  • Setup and testing is improved with the front status LED now remaining illuminated when the iBeam is transmitting a signal.
  • The iBeam is automatically paused for 10 seconds after being switched on, giving the carer time to exit the detection zone if necessary.

Our iBeam with narrow detection zone and wide wireless compatibility, remains one of our most popular products. When combined with our 2723 EzyStand, the iBeam becomes even more versatile and user-friendly - perfect for busy facilities and home care environments needing a movement detection alarm that is easy to use and portable (iBeam can be battery and / or mains powered).


“cura” – latin word meaning “care”

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