2552 Easy-Installed DoorAlert Door Monitor

Automatically detects wandering residents and alerts carers. Easy installation and simple operation. Easily expand and configure to automatically lock a door if a monitored resident approaches.
2552 DoorAlert Door Monitor
2552 DoorAlert Door Monitor - Connections
2552 DoorAlert Door Monitor


  • Automatically detects wandering residents and alerts carers
  • Fully wireless – no cabling required for easy installation, configuration, operation, expansions and upgrades
  • Monitor from 1 to 1,000 residents
  • Individually identifies each resident (when used with LRCS Care Station)
  • Flashing LED and adjustable audible alarm
  • Can be connected to a nurse call system and electronic locking devices
  • Caregiver Reset Key, Smartguard Keypad and Reset Transmitter options
  • Magnetic door contact input can inhibit alarm activation if the door is closed
  • Night Mode – To protect a facility at night, any monitored door opened will alert staff / caregivers

Download Brochure - 2552 DoorAlert Monitor

Technical Specifications:

  • 9-13.8 Vdc operation (stand by current consumption < 100 mA)
  • Red LED and adjustable audible sounder alarm indication
  • Operating frequency 433 MHz
  • Adjustable detection range approx. 1 to 8 metres
  • Optional audible pre-alarm output
  • 12 Vdc 1 A alarm output & door lock output
  • Optional continuous lock output until reset
  • Normally open hard wired reset input
  • Normally closed door contact input to prevent alarm if door closed
  • Dimensions: 720 x 30 x 20 mm, white ABS plastic enclosure
  • Dry Contact Relay Outputs for easy 3rd party connection
  • Latching Lock - Doors remain locked while the resident is in the vicinity of the Monitor unless overridden by staff 

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”

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