2502m LRCS Master Zone Repeater

Receives wireless signals from up to 3000 callpoint transmitters from up to 48 Slave Zone Repeaters & connects with a PC using 2509 LRCS Database Software.

2509 LRCS Database Software

Connects to LRCS Master Zone Repeater. Displays alarm call information & location. Logs all events into database.

2502s LRCS Slave Zone Repeater

Capable of monitoring up to 64 wireless callpoints

2503 Combo Callpoint

Battery powered & fully supervised wireless operation. 4 levels of call priority: “Call”, “Staff”, “Emergency” & “Presence”. LED call reassurance indicators.

2504 Multi-Coloured Overdoor Light

Simple operation and maintenance. High visibility LED indicators, colours: Red, Orange, Green & White. Can be paired with up to 10 Combo or Waterproof Callpoints.

2506 Pendant Callpoint

Plugs into 2503 Combo Callpoint.

2597 Pendant Callpoint with RJ10 Plug

Plugs into 2596 Wireless Call Button. RJ10 connection.

2507 Wireless Waterproof Callpoint

Waterproof to IP65 can be used in showers & wet areas. Battery powered & fully supervised wireless operation. Comes with integral pull cord.

2596 Wireless Callpoint with RJ10 Input

Wireless call point with call and reset buttons and a RJ10 input for a patient handset.