Universal Setup

Your Universal Pad or Mat can have either a corded or cordless connection depending on the options that were purchased. 

universal corded & cordless


If your Universal Pad or Mat came with a 2720 transmitter then ensure that it is plugged in to the Pad or Mat via its Mini USB connection and then tuck it into the pocket of the Pad or Mat.

transmitter pocket

Follow the pairing instructions in the QuickStart Guide that came with your receiving hardware (eg 2700 Cordless Falls Monitor, 3501 or 3508 Pager, 2544 or 2549 Multiport Expanders etc). If you do not have a QuickStart Guide, click here to open the cordless setup page where you can download the QuickStart guide for your cordless hardware. 


If your Universal Pad or Mat came with a 2693 (mini) USB to RJ10 Breakaway Cable then simply connect the USB end of the cable into the USB connector in the pocket of your Universal Pad or Mat and then plug the RJ10 end into your receiving hardware (eg 2701 Falls Monitor, 2544 Multiport Expander etc). 



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