Long Range Call System (LRCS)

Our wireless Long Range Call System (LRCS) helps the Aged Care sector save millions on upgrading call systems.

Clever system design, innovative software and over 30 years of industry knowledge has allowed cura1 to deliver this impressive wireless system just as maintaining older systems is becoming unaffordable and funding is limited.

The LRCS requires no structural cabling and boasts a range of up to 1.5km. It can be enhanced to provide services that were previously too expensive to implement. These devices include the versatile, multi-level alarm Combo Call Point and Waterproof Call Points for wet areas. FallAlert fall prevention capabilities are also possible using cura1 bed pads, chair pads and floor mats.

Now the DoorAlert wandering resident system, becomes a simple plug and play option to LRCS and provides an effective wandering resident system, a service that would previously have entailed a major installation. The LRCS Duress option with location finding features has raised eyebrows in the industry for its elegant simplicity.

Staff can easily monitor all these systems using a variety of displays and devices, including the compact LRCS Care Station, wireless audible / visual over-door indicators, and notifications on mobile phones and pagers. Facilities can also choose to upgrade to a graphical front end interface with the benefits of database information and reporting.

The LRCS can be as large or as small as required with a capacity of up to 10 Care Stations and 48 Zone Repeaters each handling up to 64 call points. The system can be as simple as the client wants or as comprehensive as they desire, all depending on the needs of the institution.

“cura” – latin word meaning “care”

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